The best romantic Greek islands for weddings in Greece

Being in love is the best feeling in the world and during this period, the only thing you want is to spend time with your other half. That’s why vacations give couples precious moments and they are unforgettable for them. Couples usually search for romantic destinations, Greek islands are perfect destinations to live their love experience. Some of these islands are also being chosen for weddings in Greece. These are the best islands to spend romantic vacations or plan your Greek wedding.


Santorini is the ultimate honeymoon destination worldwide and also the best destination for a Greek wedding. There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset in Oia or Firostefani, when the sun paints the sea pink and the beauty can’t be described by words. You can’t find a better scenery to live your love than the volcanic Caldera and the internationally famous sunset.
Proposals or weddings in Santorini are the routine on the island that prove its romanticism and its erotic atmosphere.

santorini wedding and vacations


Milos is considered to be among the Greeks, the ultimate island for couples. Actually, on the island, there are only couples during the high season. No families, no kids, no groups of friends. Only couples, walking around the beautiful Chora, enjoying its great view of the Aegean Sea, relaxing by the sea in Pollonia or Klima and spending their time in the astonishing beaches of the island, which with their beauty, create the perfect circumstances to relax, forget everything and just feel in love with your partner. Top things to do in Milos

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Folegandros is another romantic island in Cyclades. With its rough beauty with the dry, lunar landscape, the unadulterated Cycladic architecture and the cobblestone squares. Folegandros gives you the privacy you want, because it is an untouched and peaceful island, which reminds you of Santorini. Wonderful beaches, the breeze of the Aegean Sea and elegant restaurants and cocktail bars make Folegandros the island you should choose for your next vacations with your beloved one or even your wedding in Greece. See top hotels in Folegandros

folegandros island


Paxoi is the only small island of the Ionian Islands. Full of trees, green nature and the most impressive, turquoise waters in Greece are the characteristics of Paxoi. If you love the lush greenery, the Italian-style towns and the peaceful aura of a small island, then, Paxoi is the ultimate destination for you to come with your partner.

paxoi islands


Koufonisi is a tiny island of Cyclades, near Naxos. It is famous for its sandy beaches and their crystal waters as well as for its Chora, which is typically Cycladic, with taverns and bars by the sea. During August, Koufonisi is crowded, but you can also visit in September, where the beaches are private and everything is calmer. The popularity of Koufonisi is small, thanks to its size. You don’t need a car, you can go to the beaches on foot or by the boat. Practically, you don’t lose time in transportation and you can spend valuable time with your company. See 5 Reasons to visit Koufonisi

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