Car rental in Kythnos: everything you need to know about the island

Kythnos is a yet unspoiled Greek island, although it is located so close to Athens (only 1,5 hours from Lavrio port and 3 hours from Piraeus port). It is a typical Cycladic island, with charming beaches and whitewashed houses built on the steep cliffs. Car rental in Kythnos is the best way to see the island. To the most beaches, even to famous Kolona, there is dirt road, so having a 4X4 car is a must. By this kind of car, you have the opportunity not to miss a single beach. The beaches of Kythnos are virgin, a true heaven on earth, which is totally worth the visit. Without a car, it is impossible to explore the place, as Kythnos is a large island with more than 70 beaches and 6 beautiful villages, spread all over the island.

Read here all the insider’s tips about the points of interest in Kythnos and how you can discover the island by car.

Places to go in Kythnos


The Chora of Kythnos is located at the top of a cliff and it was built there in order to be hidden from the pirates in the Medieval Times. It is a lovely village, a typical Cycladic Chora with paved streets, cozy shops, traditional Greek taverns and bars. It is the best place to relax, but you can find bars that stay open until late. Chora is also full of small white and blue churches that give the place a nostalgic aura.


Loutra is one of the most touristic places on the island. It is a coastal village on the north-western side, where you can eat, find many hotels and guesthouses and have fun at night. In Loutra, there are also thermal springs, one of the oldest in Greece. These springs are considered to be therapeutic, and one of their greatest assets is their low entrance ticket.

Agia Eirini

With 10 minutes’ walk from Loutra, you can visit another beautiful village of Kythnos, Agia Eirini.  It has a nice small chapel at the edge of the cape, where many romantic weddings take place, and the best restaurants of the island.


Dryopida is a wonderful small settlement at the top of the cliff, built with the traditional architecture of Kythnos with many neoclassical houses with roof tiles. Kythnos combines in a charming way the white Cycladic houses with this kind of architecture, and you will be impressed by this village, which is something unique in the Cyclades.

Panagia Kanala

The church of Panagia Kanala is located in a small seaside village on the southern side of the island. You can go there on your way to the southern exotic beaches of Kythnos, such as Gaidouromantra. This church is considered to be miraculous. The settlement is also wonderful, hidden inside a forest of pine trees and with a stunning sandy beach on the front.


The port of Merichas is the most touristic place of the island. It is a typically Cycladic harbour with white houses but also modern buildings. There are a few hotels there and many fishing taverns to eat fresh fish and seafood. On the coastline, you can also enjoy your cocktail on the evening.

Best beaches in Kythnos

The queen of the island and one of the best beaches in Greece is Kolona, a narrow strip of golden sand, which connects the island with the small island of Saint Loukas. It is a two-side beach, where you can go from one side to the other in less than one minute. Turquoise waters, soft sand and the white chapel of Saint Loukas at the top of the cliff create the best summer scenery of an exotic destination. To go to Kolona, you have to drive through a dirt road of about 1,5 km from Apokrousi beach.

However, Kythnos has literally numerous beaches. Only a few of them are organised, as Kythnos has remained untouched by the mass tourism. Martinakia, the closest beach to Merichas, is a small bay with crystal waters that has one of the best beach bars in the Cyclades. Apokrousi is also a nice beach with tamarisk trees very close to the Chora, which has also a popular beach bar. From there, you can go to Kolona, as it is located very close. Episkopi, another organised beach, looks similar to Apokrousi, but it is not very crowded even during the high season.

On the other hand, Kythnos has also many untouched and unorganised beaches, which are accessible only by 4X4 car. The choices are innumerable. Gaidouromantra, Skylos, Naousa, Kanala, Kalo Livadi, Megali Ammos are only a few of them. Remember to take an umbrella or hat and water with you, because the beaches are totally virgin. You can find there your inner peace, enjoy the endless blue, swim in emerald waters and sunbath under the warm sun, lying on the hot, golden sand.

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