Cheap car hire Greece: how to travel on a budget

Every traveller dreams to spend vacation on a budget. The problem is that it is difficult to achieve this goal, especially if you don’t know insider’s tips about the country you want to visit. One of the greatest expenses when you visit a foreign country is car rental. However, it is necessary to rent a car in Greece, as there are so many places to visit, so many virgin beaches and significant sites that are worth seeing but public transportation does not reach them. How can you combine cheap car hire in Greece with interesting vacation and exploration of what this amazing country can offer to you?

Travel off-season

During the off-season and especially in October, November, March and April, it is very likely to find great deals to rent a car on a budget. You can expect up to 70% off, and you can also take advantage of last-minute offers that are available only this period of the year. On the contrary, if you visit the Greek islands or Athens during the high season, it is nearly impossible to find discount, as the prices are extremely high.

Online booking

Another way for cheap car rental in Greece is online booking. Search online and find the best price or a deal for a specific period. Most car rental companies in Greece offer 10% discount for online booking and other offers, such as free airport pick up and drop off.

Economy car

If you travel to Athens or another major city, it is useless to rent and pay for a luxury car or an SUV. A small and economy car is ideal to find easier parking and save fuel. However, if you travel to a Greek island, be sure that you don’t need a 4X4 car. In touristic islands, such as Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini, you can go to the most beaches conveniently, but on every island, there are some beaches that are accessible only via a dirt road. Plus, in some islands that are yet undiscovered, such as Kythnos, Folegandros and Kasos, a 4X4 is the best choice.

Go off the beaten path

On the other side, in an undiscovered island, you can find significantly lower prices than in a highly touristic island. Although you may need for some days a 4X4, an untouched paradise in the Cyclades or the Aegean Sea is your chance to spend cheap holidays and discover the authentic side of Greece.