Why you should choose Santorini for your wedding in Greece

There are many destinations to organise your wedding in Greece, many astonishing islands or towns. But one of these is considered the ultimate destination for Greek weddings: Santorini, the volcanic Aegean island. It is not a coincidence that so many couples from all over the world choose Santorini for this special moment of their life. Read here the reasons to choose this magnificent island, and get ready to live unforgettable experiences that you will narrate to your children for many years!

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Stunning villages at the edge of the caldera

It is maybe the most characteristic picture of Greece: whitewashed small houses with blue windows hanging at the edge of the caldera and creating the perfect contrast to the black volcanic steep cliff. The view of these spots in Fira, Imerovigli, Firostefani and Oia is just breathtaking, but it is not only the view of the volcano and the deep blue Aegean Sea that will impress you. These traditional villages are so beautiful that only being there is like a miracle, like taking part in a fairytale. Narrow paved, labyrinth-like streets, lovely squares, bougainvilleas hanging from the balconies and elegant shops hidden everywhere you can imagine create the exact Cycladic aura you will adore.

caldera edge

Wonderful vendors

Weddings in Santorini have the great asset that they can be organised in wonderful vendors at the caldera or by the sea. The island is fully organised and with top touristic facilities, so that you have hundreds of options. Luxury boutique hotels, seaside restaurants, bars with a perfect view and balconies hanging above the volcano are ideal spots for your ceremony and reception. You have just to think about your preferences and what you are expecting of this day, and you can surely find what suits you best.

seaside restaurants santorini

The famous sunset

It is impossible that you haven’t heard about the famous sunset of Santorini, maybe the most renowned spot in Europe to watch the sun sinking into the sea. The houses are being coloured pink and orange, and the atmosphere is something you will never forget. If you organise your wedding in Santorini during the sunset, you can take the best photos of your life in a gorgeous frame. Can you imagine better memories for the special moment when you and your other half express your eternal love?

Wedding planners in Santorini

The wedding planners in Santorini are experienced as they do this job for decades. If you live abroad, it is very difficult to organise a wedding in Greece from far away on your own. So, a wedding planner is necessary, and Santorini wedding planners can offer you professionalism, creative ideas for your ceremony and reception as well as great deals. The only thing you have to do is to trust the right professional, explain exactly what you are searching for this unique day, smile and live a once in a lifetime experience!