How to decide which Greek island to visit

Greek islands are literally innumerable, and thus they can offer you exactly what you want according to your tastes and your favourite type of vacations. However, it is really difficult to choose an island, when there is such a great variety. Divided into many groups and located in two seas, Aegean and Ionian Sea, Greek islands have different characteristics and searching the right destination for you may be tiring. These travel tips will help you to find your ideal destination.


Romantic, family-friendly or party island?

This is an important answer you should ask yourself before booking your tickets and accommodation on a Greek island. In Greece, there are top party islands, such as Mykonos and Skiathos, romantic islands, such as Santorini and Folegandros, and islands for families, like Lesvos and Kos. Think about the style of the vacations you want to spend, and you can find many islands that meet your standards.

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Popular or undiscovered islands?

Many people want to visit a popular touristic island, thinking that it is beautiful and has every necessary facility. This is a reasonable thought. Santorini, Zakynthos or Crete are not so famous by coincidence, and you will definitely find there everything you are searching for. However, if privacy is your thing, you can visit an off-the-beaten-path island, like Donousa, Symi or Skyros, where you will experience the authentic hospitality of the people and find peace away from the crowds. It is up to you! Check here 10 undiscovered Greek islands

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Aegean or Ionian Sea?

This question has to do with the landscape and the character of each group of islands. Aegean Islands, namely Dodecanese and Cyclades, have dry and wild nature, in a unique scenery and with fascinating beauty that is one of a kind. On the other hand, Ionian Islands have breathtaking beaches, lush greenery, calm natural landscape, emerald waters and Italian architecture. Some people prefer the desert-like islands, while others want to spend their vacations surrounded by trees and abundant nature.

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Tiny or large islands?

If you want to relax and not have to drive for long distances, you can choose a small Greek island, like Donousa or Paxoi, which are so small that they can be explored on foot. If you want to have many things to do and see, a large island, like Lesvos, Rhodes, Crete or Naxos, is ideal for sightseeing and interesting holidays.

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In combination with a big Greek city?

Have you considered combining your visit to one of the biggest cities of Greece with a day-trip or a weekend on an island nearby? In a close distance to Athens, you can find wonderful islands of the Saronic Gulf and Cyclades, such as Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses or Andros and Kythnos, near Thessaloniki, you can visit Thasos, near Patras, are located the Ionian Islands and especially Zakynthos, Ithaki and Kefalonia, while in a close distance to Larissa and Volos, you can visit Sporades.