The famous Greek gastronomy

In this article you will have the chance to learn some intresting facts about the famous gastronomy of Greece. From the ancient times people in Greece used to love tasty food and good wine. Before you visit Greece you have to learn these information.

Mother nature

Greece is a blessed country by nature because of the special products. In Greece you can find special fruits, vegetables, tasty traditional products, herbs and of course special drinks and good wine. All of these are gifts from nature and from the very good climate.

Olives and olive oil

One of the most famous Greek products is the olive oil. Known as a super food for its benefits for health. Olive oil is at the top of the Mediterranean diet, because it is healthy and tasty. In ancient Greece people used to use it also as therapy.

greek olives oil

Greek cheeses and Greek yogurt

Greek cheese named ”feta” is a product known all over the world. It is made from people in Greece for many years and is known for its salty taste. Also Greek yogurt is a very popular Greek super food, because it is only made in Greece and it is very tasty and healthy.

greek yogurt

Traditional pies

All over the Greece from north to south and to the islands pies are some of the most famous and special dishes of Greek traditional gastronomy. In every place there is a different recipe for every pie. You can taste salty or sweet pies and they are all handmade by the Greek women.

greek meat pie

Traditional dishes

In Greece you can also have the chance to taste many traditional dishes, depends on the place you are. Moussakas is a very special dish of Greece. You can also taste the souvlaki and many salads made with local products and of course with olive oil.



Herbs are very important in Greek cuisine, because they give another flavor in foods. You can also taste hot drinks made of herbs, which are very good for your health. Chamomile, rosemary, oregano and flamouli are some of them.

Greek Chamomile

Sweet life

If you want to live a good life, you have to eat sweets. And especially Greek traditional sweets like the ones you will have the chance to taste when you visit Greece. Honey is also a special product and many sweets in Greek cuisine are made of it. For every area in Greece there is a different traditional sweet.

greek honey

Wine and traditional drinks

Many people in Greece has their own vines and produce their own special wines. Many Greek wine producers are famous all over the world for their high quality wines. Santorini island is known for a very special wine.

Except wine in Greece you can also taste and other traditional drinks made from grapes. The most known of them are tsipouro, ouzo and the famous Cretan tsikoudia. They all have some similarities but the way that they made is different.

greek wine

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Vegetarians and meat lovers

Greek cuisine is suitable for everyone! For those who love meat or for those who love fruits and vegetables. Greece is full of delicious products for every traveler.

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