Greek island cruises: where to go near Athens?

Are you in search of a cruise to the Greek islands that can be combined with Athens? Athens is the new must destination in Europe, and most travellers want to spend some days in the capital and then go to the famous islands of Greece. There are many Greek island cruises in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, but some of them are for islands near Athens to spend urban as well as seaside vacation. The Saronic islands are located very close to Athens, are characterized by beautiful towns and verdant nature and are exactly what you want to feel the atmosphere of the islands in the Aegean Sea without having to travel for hours.


Located only one hour from Athens, Aegina can be considered a suburb of Athens. Beaches with the clearest waters of Attica, a neoclassical, well-preserved port with a beautiful coastal promenade to walk, shop and eat by the sea as well as significant archaeological sites, such as the ancient Temple of Aphaia, this is the magical world of Aegina. The first picture of the island is its lovely harbour with colourful buildings, cafés and traditional taverns at the beachfront, where you can watch an amazing sunset. Eat also the local product of Aegina, the pistachio, which has the highest quality in the world!


Poros is the next stop after Aegina in the Greek island cruises. Its town, which is built amphitheatrically on the cliff, reminds of a cart-postal. Well-preserved houses, forests with pine trees and good Greek food make Poros, the island of lemons, a must to visit during your cruise. It combines lovely sandy beaches with relaxation in a cosmopolitan scenery.


Hydra is the most wonderful island in the Saronic Gulf, a true jewel you will never forget. The picturesque architecture of its Chora, with the stone-built mansions and the imposing houses in this traditional and protected settlement, looks like a wonderful painting. The buildings are standing amphitheatrically on the cliff, and the harbour is full of yachts, boutiques, luxury restaurants, Greek taverns and bars. Although Hydra has not many beaches, its deep blue waters are ideal to swim and enjoy your vacation. Remember that in Hydra cars are not allowed, so it is the perfect island to visit by yacht!


Spetses is one of the most elegant Saronic islands with aristocratic aura, located near Hydra. The island is considered to be the counterweight to Mykonos, because it has vivid nightlife, luxury hotels and shops, awarded restaurants and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The old port and Dapia, the main town, are the ideal places to stroll around and enjoy the sunset. In the old port, beats the heart of Spetses nightlife, and you can have fun there, especially on the weekends, until the dawn. Spetses has also many beaches with thick sand and crystal waters.