Cheap car hire Greece: how to travel on a budget

Every traveller dreams to spend vacation on a budget. The problem is that it is difficult to achieve this goal, especially if you don’t know insider’s tips about the country you want to visit. One of the greatest expenses when you visit a foreign country is car rental. However, it is necessary to rent a car in Greece, as there are so many places to visit, so many virgin beaches and significant sites that are worth seeing but public transportation does not reach them. How can you combine cheap car hire in Greece with interesting vacation and exploration of what this amazing country can offer to you?

Travel off-season

During the off-season and especially in October, November, March and April, it is very likely to find great deals to rent a car on a budget...

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Rent a car in Tinos: How to plan your road trip on the island

Full of traditional and picturesque settlements, Tinos is an island in Greece off the beaten path. Being one of the largest islands in the Cyclades, Tinos is ideal for a road trip. Thus, you can admire its hidden gems, the mountainous and coastal villages surrounded by golden coves with emerald waters and pigeon houses that give the scenery an exotic touch. If you rent a car in Tinos, you can flexibly see its beauties in 3-4 days and explore things you haven’t ever imagined. How to plan your road trip on the island?

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Why Mykonos is your dream destination

Mykonos is one of the most popular summer destinations of Europe. Thousands of tourists come every year to admire its natural and urban beauty and experience its wild nightlife. Celebrities from all over the world have found in Mykonos the perfect place to see and to be seen, to have fun and spend unforgettable vacation. But why is Mykonos so popular? These reasons prove you that this Cycladic island is your dream destination.

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The history of the piñata

A piñata is a container made of papier-mâché, which is decorated and filled with small toys, chocolates and candies. Nowadays, it is used at the parties as a part of the celebration, and kids love this fun activity and the small presents it gives them when they manage to break the piñata. However, the history of piñata is long and it reveals many interesting facts beyond the playing of a game.

Probably, piñatas have originated in China where the paper originated too. Marco Polo discovered the Chinese fashioning balloons of colourful paper in the figure of a cow and filled with seeds, which greeted the New Year. The mandarins knocked the figure hard with sticks, and the seeds spilled out. As part of the ritual, the paper was then burned, and people gathered its ashes for good luck...

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Rent a car Crete: 6 important things to consider before your vacation

Are you planning your vacation in Crete for next summer? The island is definitely a heaven on earth, offering some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, significant historical sites and well-preserved traditional towns and villages. However, you should think about your transportation, as Crete is a large island with numerous points of interest, spread throughout the prefectures. On the island, you can find only a few taxis, while public transportation is not as convenient as you may want during your relaxing holidays. If you plan to rent a car in Crete, keep in mind the

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