A palette of feelings and experiences Santorini

Santorini is one of the ultimate, romantic and amazing getaway choices for unique vacations. This small half-moon shaped Cycladic island has everything you may ask. Beautiful and breathtaking views, stunning hot and colorful beaches, folklore villages and an amazing Mediterranean architecture. It is an island with more churches with blue domes than houses. An island with more cute donkeys than hospitable people. An island with more Dionysian wine and alcohol than water. An island like no other.

Well then, you have already booked your vacation to the most seducing and bewitching island of the whole world. Before you pack your luggage, schedule in advance your Santorini shore excursions with Omega travel agency and be prepared to live breathtaking experiences. For most visitors, sightseeing and tours around the island are limited to taking a boat to the volcano, walking the caldera villages and watching the sunset from Oia. But these are usual things for usual visitors. We have the know-how for unforgettable and different vacations. Tell us every secret will you have and we can arrange everything. Live once in a lifetime moments on the windy and salty corners.

While being on Santorini, Dimitris, Veroniki and Omega travel agency can show you everything the island has to offer. Secret places and hidden paradises. Omega Travel is a relatively young company, but this factor is not discouraging. Dimitris and Veroniki have years of travel experience and a passion for sharing the island’s culture and secret pieces of this extraordinary puzzle. Omega travel a fully licensed company and its mission is to provide the best tours to everyone who plans a trip to the island.

Our agency has many Santorini tours to choose from, making your visit to the island unforgettable and gull of precious moments. Taste and enjoy unique flavors with interesting winery or food tours. Experience the mysterious wilder side of this island on the great horse riding tour. Capture breathtaking “once in a lifetime” moments during exciting volcano trip. Our tours in Santorini not only include these but also much more! Just let us know what you want.

Private tours

When you think or you hear the word “tour”, a few and usual things come to mind: large groups of strangers, rushing and wandering from one place to another. No time to see, no time to explore, no time to learn, no time to enjoy. With Omega Travel agency, your Santorini private tours will be for sure different. Let us give you a tailor-made tour you are sure to remember.

Shore Excursions

Our agency’s local guides are friendly, passionate and willing to show to you what Santorini hides from the majority of the tourists. They know everything there is to know about life on the island and can take you to many different places. With Omega Travel, we guarantee that your Santorini shore excursions will be one of a kind.

We offer completely customized and tailor- made tours based on your interests and program. We have the know-how; you have the agenda. Tell us what you want to experience, and we will make it happen.

  • Wine and brewery tour: Wine, wine, wine! Alcohol lovers, here we are! Santorini can be the island of Dionysus and Panas, gods of joy and wine. Your vacation has brought you to the place where some of the rarest grape varieties are grown due to the particularity of the volcanic ground. You must taste Katsano and Gaidouria, which are white grapes, mixed to make a unique wine. Mavrotrogano is used for making sweet red wines and Assyrtiko is the most famous and well known grape used to make different types of dry and sweet wines. Omega Travel Agency personalizes the wine tours according to your tastes. In addition, we organize tours to the unique terroir (grape-growing conditions) of Santorini and the outstanding varieties of wine it has to offer.
  • Food tour: Fava, Melitinia, Kolokithia, Ntomatokeftedes, Mousaka, Gyros etc. Explore a world of unique cuisine with a guided tour of Santorini’s best tastes and recipes. Our local guides will take you to unique places where traditional recipes and family secrets continue to be passed down only from mother to daughter. You will taste dishes made from Santorini ingredients mixed up with international ingredients through modern techniques.
  • Luxury Sailing tour: Take advantage of the Santorini main characteristic! After all it is an island. Whether you are only visiting Santorini for a day or planning to stay a bit longer, sailing around the island is a must. Sailing around the island in fact is the only way to see and explore magnificent places such as Red Beach, White Beach, the volcano and the hot springs.
  • Volcano sunset and hot spring trip: Volcano rules the area. Its steaming breathe attracts every tourist. During your stay on the island, you must take advantage of a Santorini volcano tour. Cross off your “to do list” a visit to an active volcano and a walk around its crater. Enjoy a 6-hour tour, by sea and land, to visit the volcano and experience the many other wonders this unique place has to offer.
  • Explore Santorini in horseback: Riding over unique terrain with the salty Aegean wind in your hair and the sweet aromas of Cyclades all around, then we have just what you need. Whether you are an experienced equestrian or a novice horse enthusiast, we have the perfect excursion for you! Choose from three different Santorini horse ridingtours and experience new parts of the island. You can either explore Megalochori village, that is full of traditionally-styled buildings with high walls and inner crofts, or ride from Megalochori to the beach or to Caldera.

Santorini Transfer Service

Whether you plan on flying in or taking a ship to Santorini, you should never have to worry about finding a way to get to your hotel. We can guarantee every comfortable and stress-free Santorini transfer service for you and your family from the airport and port to any village. Your vacation on the island will be for sure luxurious. We want you to feel like a VIP from the moment we pick you up.

Other Services

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