Santorini, the half-moon shaped island

The everlasting and unsurpassed beauty of Santorini island (Greece) attracts millions of tourists every year. Its unusual volcanic rock formations, the wild pumice stone, the rugged cliffs and the beautiful beaches make Santorini the gem of the Mediterranean. If you are planning a trip to the island, a Travel agenency can help you explore everything it has to offer. Our services begin before you arrive. We can help you find the best private villas in Santorini for your accommodation and make you feel like your home away from home. In addition, either you are flying in or taking a ship, we will get you to your hotel from Santorini airport or Athinios port. Our mission is to make your visit to the island comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable. Our company thus offers customized shore excursions and guided tours on the secret places of Santorini at the best tour prices.

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During your stay on the island, you must for sure take advantage of a Santorini volcano tour. Not many people can say that they have experienced an active volcano first- hand in their lifetime. Cross it off your must-sees. The active volcano of Santorini is an incredible mark of the history of our planet. This unique geological book remains open and accessible to anyone who wishes to study this aspect of history.

Santorini volcano view

Few words about the volcano

The volcano is what made the island what it is today. It continues to rule Caldera and attracts the attention. The first elements on volcanic activity in the region indicate that it existed 4000 years ago. Until the first and largest historically recorded eruption, volcanic cones were created in the area and eventually also the Strogyli (Rounded) Island, named cause of its shape. The first eruption in recent years was in 1650 BC, also known as Minoan. The amount of hurling volcanic material reached a height of 40 km and the whole eastern Mediterranean was covered by ash. According to the archaeologists, this eruption was responsible for the destruction of the Minoan civilization. Later, in the 2nd century BC a small island, named Iera (Holy), was created this way. Alhough, it wasn’t the only one created by the power of the volcano. Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni were shaped by small explosions and the warm waters in the area indicate that the activity -even nowadays- is not over.

During the volcano tour, you can live a unique adventure. For your convenience, we will pick you up from the designated area to get you to Athinios Port, where the aptly-named Aphrodite will be waiting for its passengers to embark. Nea Kameni Island is the first stop on your voyage. There are many photo opportunities as you climb to the summit and walk on the edge of the crater. The path goes uphill all the way and there is nothing but the dark beauty of black rocks all around. However, the breathtaking view towards the Caldera and the villages is definitely worth it all. Thanks to the surrounding volcanic vents, you can take a dip in the iron-rich hot springs on Palia Kameni. The waters are yellowish and five degrees hotter than the rest of the sea. Next, you will sail near the island of Thirasia and anchor just off-shore to enjoy dinner and local wine. Stunning moment of our tour is when the iconic Oia is illuminated in the oranges, reds and yellows of the setting sun in the evening. Santorini is famous for its sunset. It offers a thousand memories, a thousand heartbeats to every visitor. As the sun sinks into the sea your tour will come to an end. Full of memories and blessed by this sensational experience, you will remember this tour for the rest of your life.