Travelling in Greece with your children: 7 helpful tips

Travelling with all of your family can be a challenge, and we all know that. The kid’s needs are demanding, and you may think that it is impossible to make it happen. Well, your vacation in Greece should not be a nightmare, and we can give you some helpful tips to have a great time abroad with your children. With organisation and discipline, you can make your life easier, get rest in your new destination, discover everything you want and enjoy unforgettable precious moments with your family.


Take the weather into account

The weather in Greece is almost always warm and sunny during summer, but this doesn’t mean there are not any unstable days. The kids will be happier in a new environment if they are dressed comfortably according to the weather, and they don’t feel cold or hot. Take all the necessary gear available, and give them the opportunity to explore the new world you show them.

kids travel weather

Time is everything

The kids want to explore every small detail, and they don’t care about any limitations and hurry. Whether you are at the airport or in a must-see spot, take extra time in order not to feel anxious. Sightseeing with your children is achievable, if you are patient.


Don’t forget the first-aid kit

It is usual that children get ill on holidays. The unhealthy food, the jet lag or the change in their environment are at fault, but the thing is it that you don’t want to spend your vacation in the hotel because your kid has fever. So, don’t forget to have a first-aid kit with medicine, antiseptic wipes, plasters and a thermometer.

first aid travel kit kids

Write your mobile number

If you travel in busy airports and crowded places, you should be very careful with your kids in order not to get lost. Write your mobile number on their arms because that can save their lives.


Use mobile apps

Load your smartphone or your tablet with games and apps that your kids love. These applications will keep them busy during the flight, the dinner or a conversation you want to make with your partner. Technology is your friend!

Involve your other children in the travel planning

You might think that your teenager daughter or son spends the whole day on the smartphone, but maybe you are wrong. Older children are interested in new places, and they want to be asked about their opinion. They will not get bored if they feel that you are taking into account their wishes, and they will help you by taking care of their younger brother or sister.

tips while travelling with kids

Reward your child with presents

Small toys can function as a reward if your child stays quiet for a long time or during an important activity, such as the visit in a museum. You can give them delicious snacks, such as candies and chocolate, stickers or their favourite teddy-bear.