Volos and Kalamata city

Except the beautiful islands of Greece, Greece is also a country with very beautiful cities in its mainland. Here you can learn some really interesting information of two of the most beautiful cities in the mainland in Greece. Volos city in Thessaly and Kalamata city in Peloponnese.

Volos city

Volos city is one of the cities of Thessaly. It is the second biggest city of Thessaly after Larissa city and is the only coastal city of Thessaly. If you visit Volos you have the chance to do many things like these you can read here. In the area of Volos was the very first settlement of people in Europe. Now you can visit and see this place at the archeological sites of Sesklo and Dimini. If you love the ancient culture so much you can also visit the archeological museum of Volos. If you love very much the sea you can take a stroll on the seafront of Volos named Argonauts Avenue. Also from Volos you can do a day trip to the one of the islands named Voreies sporades which are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. If you love mountain you have the chance to visit special and beautiful places near Volos. First of all the famous Pelion with its 24 villages and its very unique beauty. You can reach Pelion with the traditional Pelion train, called Moutzouris. In Pelion you can explore the paths and its beautiful landscape with hiking. For the ski lovers there is the ski resort of Hania. Don’t forget to taste the traditional Volos drink which is handmade named ”tsipouro”.


Kalamata city

Kalamata is one of the most historical cities of Peloponnese. It is known for its beauty, its wonderful seaside, its warm people and its delicious olives and olive oil. If you visit Kalamata begin your day with taking a stroll at the old city of Kalamata known as ”Palia Poli”. After that you can visit on foot Kalamata’s castle. You can learn a lot about Kalamata’s history by visiting its archeological museum. Also you can discover the archeological site of Ancient Messini and King Nestor’s Palace. For those who will be in Kalamata during the summer months don’t miss the chance to swim at the famous for its beautiful water beach; named Voidokoilia. For dance lovers there is an International Dance Festival which is taking place in Kalamata every summer. Near Kalamata there is a very beautiful place named Pylos. In Pylos you can see the ”Palaiokastro” which is Pylos old castle. From there you can enjoy your drink with the most beautiful view. If you are a lover of modern art you can visit the Kalamata’s Modern Art Greek Gallery with many sculptures, paintings and carvings on display. Don’t miss the chance to taste Peloponnese traditional cuisine and of course olives and olive oil. You can also visit beautiful villages of the area of Messinia which are near Kalamata city by car. One of them is Kardamilly village. Also enjoy your evenings by walking on the shoreline of Kalamata along to the seaside road.