Wedding car rental in Athens Greece: all the necessary tips

Are you planning your wedding in Athens for this summer? Congratulations! The Greek capital is full of wonderful places, ancient sites and vivid neighborhoods that are the prefect scenery for your dreamy day. What about the car, which brings you to the church and the reception venue? You deserve the most beautiful limousine with the sign “Just Married”, having the feeling of luxury and magnitude in your first moments as husband and wife. Wedding car rental in Athens Greece is the best way to live affordably these precious moments. Read here everything you need to know in order to rent the best wedding car in Greece!

See the car before you book

If you rent a vintage, old car, we recommend you seeing it before booking it. Many companies give you the opportunity to book online and pay only a small amount of money before arriving to Greece. This is the best way to be sure that the car is in good condition and well-maintained.

Rent the car from a well-established company

A full-time car rental company in Athens is necessary in order to be sure that it will be still in business at the time of your wedding. If you collaborate with a hobbyist wedding car owner, you must accept the risk that he/ she may not operate when the wedding day comes round after a few months.

Plan ahead

In addition to early booking, it is also crucial to plan ahead with all the important details. Plan the route from the hotel to the church and the reception venue and ask from the company to give you advice about the most beautiful and safe route. Plus, make sure the chauffeur knows exactly where you want to go. The last thing you want is to search for the church, dressed up with your wedding dress in the streets of Athens, a few minutes before the ceremony starts.

Think about the style of the car

The style of the car should reflect the style of your wedding. For a romantic wedding, is ideal a vintage old car, while a limousine is the best choice for a luxury wedding. Significant is also the route you want to follow. If you want to pass through the narrow-paved streets of Plaka, then a small car, like Fiat 500, is perfect and gives the wedding a funky touch. The car colour should complement the colour theme of your wedding, and you can ask the car rental company to match the ribbons and flowers in your car with your dress as well as the decoration in the church and the venue.

Explore all of your options for car rental in Athens.