Yacht charter in Greece: island hopping in the Cyclades

Island Hopping is a unique experience you can have in Greece, as the islands are located very close to each other giving you the opportunity to discover a different island each day. Especially in the Cyclades, the distance between the islands is very short and the options literally numerous. Therefore, yacht charter in Greece is ideal: you can rent a yacht and discover as many islands as you want conveniently and with great flexibility. We gathered for you the top of the top Cycladic islands, as it is really impossible to present you in only one article all the worthwhile islands. We can say only one thing: you should definitely not miss these islands, if you choose yacht charter in the Cyclades for the upcoming summer.


Mykonos is a famous destination all over the world for its vivid nightlife, its cosmopolitanism and the stunning beaches. Every organised bay with the golden sand and the emerald waters has a beach-bar with famous DJ’s organising amazing parties. The town of Mykonos, one of the prettiest and best-preserved in the Cyclades, has also innumerable bars and clubs to offer, where the night lasts till dawn. Bar-hopping is the top activity to do in Mykonos when you stroll around the beautiful paved paths, which are full of young people, fashion boutiques and luxury restaurants.



Santorini is the ultimate romantic destination in Greece due to its magnificent sunset and the impressive villages hanging on the volcanic caldera. There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset in Oia, Fira or Firostefani, when the sun paints the sea in breathtaking colours of pink and orange.



The ultimate destination for yacht charter in Greece is Milos with its numerous gorgeous beaches. Milos has volcanic soil, which creates a stunning scenery with beaches you have never seen before. The whole island can be described as a natural geological miracle with imposing rocks in various colours covering the island’s surface. 75 beaches, endless options and unforgettable beauty make Milos the best Greek island for beach hopping.

milos island


Naxos is a top gastronomic destination, where you can taste the authentic Greek cuisine. This island was the place that charmed with its cuisine the top chef Anthony Bourdain! Naxos has also beautiful mainland villages, such as Apiranthos, a lovely Chora with a Venetian castle on the top of the hill, as well as significant historical sites and monuments, such as Portara, the Archaeological Museum, the Temple of Demeter and the Kouros statues.

naxos island


Paros is the counterweight to Mykonos according to the nightlife and the fun. It also has gorgeous beaches and Naousa, one of the best Choras in the Cyclades with bars and coastal taverns. In Paros, you will meet numerous young people, stroll around the paved streets of Naousa, eat fresh fish by the sea and spend amazing time in the beach bars of the island, such as in Pounda.

paros island